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Lalah Hathaway continues to shine the spotlight on social injustice by releasing the music video for “Honestly,” the title track from her highly-anticipated eighth studio album, released on November 3, 2017.  

In the video above, the daughter of legendary Soul Singer Donny Hathaway, who also was a champion for social change, recaps the protests of Ferguson (2014), events in Charlottesville, VA, Black Lives Matter marches, Standing Rock’s oil pipeline fight, Colin Kaepernick’s NFL fight, and more as she sings about ridding the planet of these vile incidents.

Lalah says “Honestly” is “a love song about love lost. I’m talking about falling out of love with America.  Although I still have hope in this country and I still want to dream, this video is meant to symbolize how this time has made so many of us wake up to the nightmare of this country. And how we all just want the nightmare to end.”

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