Our Team

Our Team
  1. Donell Edwards - Host, CEO & President
    Donell Edwards is host of Donell Edwards: VIEWPOINTS, and is CEO and President of CWR Media Group and The CWR Network. Listen to Donell Edwards: VIEWPOINTS every Monday at 6:30 PM CT.
  2. Lionel Shipman - Host: $hape Your Finances Show
    Lionel Shipman is host of the Lionel SHIPman $hape Your Finances Show at 7:30 PM CT every Tuesday. Although Lionel provides a wealth of information about personal finances, he also shares powerful life lessons.
  3. Shareene Rice - Host: Making A Difference About Domestic Violence and Abuse
    Shareene Rice is the host of Making A Difference About Domestic Violence and Abuse and is a domestic violence survivor herself, and an advocate for domestic violence victims.
  4. JoAnn Burl - Host: Read, Read, Read
    Read, Read, Read, is an educational program that encourages students and all listeners to read more, and emphasizes the importance of mentoring.