Our Team

Our Team
  1. Donell Edwards - Host, CEO & President
    Donell Edwards is host of Donell Edwards: VIEWPOINTS, and is CEO and President of CWR Media Group and The CWR Network. Listen to Donell Edwards: VIEWPOINTS every Monday at 6:30 PM CT.
  2. Lionel Shipman - Host: $hape Your Finances Show
    Lionel Shipman is host of the Lionel SHIPman $hape Your Finances Show at 7:30 PM CT every Tuesday. Although Lionel provides a wealth of information about personal finances, he also shares powerful life lessons.
  3. Shareene Rice - Host: Making A Difference About Domestic Violence and Abuse
    Shareene Rice is the host of Making A Difference About Domestic Violence and Abuse and is a domestic violence survivor herself, and an advocate for domestic violence victims.
  4. Carolyn Owens - Host: Career Reels with Carolyn
    Career Reels is a show that discusses how you can become the star of your life. Carolyn and her guests will share with you tips and strategies on how you can reach and stay at the top of your game.
  5. JoAnn Burl - Host: Read, Read, Read
    Read, Read, Read, is an educational program that encourages students and all listeners to read more, and emphasizes the importance of mentoring.