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Creator Of the Normal Eaters Club
 Host:  Nutrition Tips With Jenn Hand:
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Hi, I'm Jenn Hand, and what I know deep in every bone of my body is this: the constant struggle battling your weight, your body, and your eating is a reflection of your soul desperately trying to get your attention.
It’s whispering to you to give up the fight.

Because freedom from this endless, exhausting battle is your natural state… a state where you feel at ease in your skin, sane around food, and comfortable at your natural weight.

Yes, all of that IS possible!

For nearly half my life, I obsessed daily over every single morsel I put into my mouth, constantly hid myself and my body because I was ashamed I wasn’t thin enough, and spent endless nights sobbing into my pillow, wondering why can’t I just stop binging? 

I often think…
If I spent all of those countless minutes, hours, days and years obsessing over what I ate and how “fat” I looked and did something productive instead, I swear there would be a cure for cancer right now! Those millions of hours could have been spent doing something to change the world….

And now I AM changing the world. One woman at a time. One body, one meal, one negative thought at a time.

It is possible to stop worrying and planning what you eat every single day. You can feel comfortable in your skin, eat without guilt, and leave those obsessive negative thoughts behind.

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