JoAnn Burl, BA Candidate

 Founder/CEO/Director, Jeanette’s Joy Community Services
Co-Chair of NAACP Montgomery County Maryland Afro-Academic Cultural Technological Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO)
 Host:  Read, Read, Read

​​Join me every third Saturday for discussions with educators, community leaders, and community members, discussing education and how to find innovative ways to get students to read more. Our program is also interactive and includes our outreach program to match volunteer college students to mentor youth ages 8-15 years old, from Title 1 schools in underserved communities, providing mentoring online, once a week.

So join me by calling in to include your ideas of how to get students to read more, and to suggest college students and youth to be a part of this program. Listen during the show to hear when we are accepting calls and for the call-in number. Be a part of the Read, Read, Read, radio show.

About the Host, JoAnn Burl

JoAnn Burl, has dedicated most of her 30 professional years towards working with youth and families in the out-of-school-time field and is the recipient of the State of Maryland Comptroller, “Golden Apple Award” for outstanding volunteer work donating her time and resources to volunteer at public schools throughout the state. JoAnn has encouraged people to do better all her adult life, to students of virtually every age, from kindergarteners to retired adults.

Before moving to Maryland, she volunteered to assist underserved communities working with ex-offenders helping them to create better lives for themselves in Chicago, Illinois. In January 2013, she launched a Book Club in Montgomery County for elementary and middle school students; the book club has helped students to explore their history, learn life skills, and develop a vision for their own lives.

In May 2017, JoAnn received the Montgomery County Public School Champion of Children Volunteer of the Year Award. She is the Founder/CEO/Director of Jeanette’s Joy Community Services, and Co-Chair of NAACP Montgomery County Maryland Branch #7022 Afro-Academic Cultural Technological Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO). She is also Springbrook High School Cluster Coordinator with Montgomery County Council of PTAs, and an Ambassador of the Black Star Project –Million Father  March

of Chicago, Illinois. JoAnn is currently enrolled at Walden University to receive her Bachelor of Business Administration and Public Relations degree.