Donell Edwards:  VIEWPOINTS
Host:  Donell Edwards
Monday - 6:30 PM CT 
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In addition to being the host of Donell Edwards VIEWPOINTS, Donell is also CEO and President of The CWR Talk Network.  Donell is a veteran radio announcer who began his career in broadcasting at the age of 16, while still in high school, as a weekend announcer on a local radio station.  His program soon became number one in the market.

He later became Music Director, and ultimately, Program Director of the station, after having been mentored by some of the best DJs in the industry in both the R&B/Soul and Top 40 formats.

After becoming disillusioned with his opportunities in radio and seeking a challenging career with a future, Donell accepted an entry level position with IBM Corporation.  Within a short time he had worked his way into management.  In addition to being in management during his eleven year career at IBM, Donell also served as Business Analyst for the branch, and won the prestigious regional annual IBM Means Service award on three separate occasions.

In 2010, Donell wanted to do something to help college students make the transition from college into the real world, and he founded The College World Reporter (CWR), an online empowerment magazine dedicated to providing college students with the information, advice, and resources they needed to be successful.

Although Donell changed his career path he was never far away from radio and continued to do voice over commercials through a local agency, and watched closely the evolution occurring in the radio industry.  

In March of this year Donell made his successful return to the Internet airwaves with his provocative show focusing on major causes and social issues of the day and featuring nationally recognized guests, many of whom are experts in their field.

In June, Donell began developing The CWR Network and sought outstanding hosts who shared his interests in focusing attention on major causes such as domestic violence, and fighting for social issues like improving health and wellness, improving race relations, and finding solutions to the problems in our public schools.

Donell is determined to continue to build The CWR Network into one of the most formidable Internet talk radio networks in America.